Find solid ground in the shifting landscape of prescribing behaviors

Commercial success is built on a deep understanding of the underlying factors that influence product awareness and adoption. DRG’s Current Treatment solution provides that foundation with accurate, up-to-date market information and answers to questions about the “What” and the “Why” of treatment practice.

Blast off or fizzle?

Follow the launch of new products post launch. Are they succeeding or faltering? How are they disrupting market dynamics? Where do they fit in the treatment algorithm? What can you learn from them to help guide and validate your product positioning and messaging to gain or protect market share?



Rhyme or reason?

Physician attitudes and behavior are among the best sources of information about current treatment. DRG’s Current Treatment content provides you with real-world evidence and physician insights that can help you understand how and why patients move between lines of therapy – and how current and anticipated prescribing behaviors can inform your strategies.

Stay evidence-based and up-to-date

Build success with DRG’s Current Treatment module.


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