How big does a market have to be to fit your business plan?

DRG’s Epidemiology content helps you segment and assess the size of potential markets, using metrics such as prevalence or incidence. It also helps you assess the size of the total addressable market and how market size may change based on our gold-standard epidemiology data.

How will your product play on the global stage?

Generate your market forecasts using our patient population and sub-population estimates, including diagnosed patients, drug-treatable and drug-treated patients and relevant clinical variables such as disease stage and severity.



Lead, follow, or get out of the way

By tracking and analyzing sub-population trends, you can accurately predict when and how markets are changing—and when and if you should commit resources.

Location, location, location

View market dynamics country-by-country and year-to-year to see how international epidemiology trends are influencing markets and what you can expect in the future.


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