How can an unmet need meet your business objectives?

Knowing a disease market’s unmet need is one thing. Knowing the corresponding opportunities and their potential for success is another. To know those, you need to understand the clinical and non-clinical outcomes that physicians are looking for and how well current drug products are performing against treatment goals and drivers. That’s where DRG’s Unmet Need offering comes in.

Find the most attractive opportunities

To help you identify unmet needs with the greatest potential, DRG analysts profile hidden opportunities within a specific indication. Then they compare stated vs. derived importance of key outcome attributes. Analyze the indication’s drug market. Look at the performance of current therapies against key attributes. And assess how emerging therapies may—or may not—fill the gap.



Conduct your own market simulations

Along with our up-to-date content, we provide an Excel-based simulator that allows you to conduct simulations across user-defined target product profiles (TPPs). That way you see the trade-offs across different drug attributes that physicians are willing to make when prescribing a new therapy. And understand how their preferences change when one or more of those attributes changes.

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